New Products
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Zest Pest
  • Zest Pest eliquid will grab your attention as soon as you open the bottle. Some vapers are a bit take it or leave it when it comes to citrus, well this is one blend you’re going to want to take. Packing in a sharp tasting lime, tart lemon and a fresh tasting navel orange; it might not keep away scurvy, but it’s the next...
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Grape Expectations
  • Grape Expectations eliquid refuses to rely heavily on one type of grape flavour. When vaped you’ll clearly taste a mix of black, green and even golden red grape. It gives the juice a sweet and layered taste. A splash of fizz, like carbonated water ties it all together. What the Dickens, indeed. Grape Expectations ejuice is a High VG Liquid, and works best in a...
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Donut Worry
  • Donut Worry eliquid will remind you to be happy. Starting with a warm tasting donut flavour on first inhale, that leads swiftly to a sweet strawberry jam. Just when you think it’s all over, on the exhale you get a specially blended vanilla bean custard. Altogether creating a rich and satisfying dessert flavour. Donut Worry ejuice is a High VG Liquid, and works best in a...
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Fresh Pink of Bel Air
  • Fresh Pink of Bel Air eliquid is chock full of pink fruit flavour, a secret blend of ripe tasting berries and more. What’s no secret is how well the added sweet aloe vera helps to boost the base notes of this ejuice, creating a fresh tasting medley. Fresh Pink of Bel Air ejuice is a High VG Liquid, and works best in a Sub Ohm Vape...
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Berry Cold
  • Berry Cold eliquid is a familiar blend, which has been refined by the guys and girls at 100 Large. Winter berry flavour makes up the base of this ejuice, a sweet and rich mix to say the least. The juice really comes into it’s own when the menthol begins to creep in. it compliments the berries without overpowering them. Berry Cold ejuice is a High...
  • 100 Large 100ml Short-Fill: Banana Haze
  • Banana Haze eliquid reminds us that timing is everything, especially with a good banana flavour. 100 Large have mimicked the deep almost nutty taste of an overripe banana. This is combined with brown hazelnut and sweet pear to give this flavour real depth. We can’t promise you won’t go ape. Banana Haze ejuice is a High VG Liquid, and works best in a Sub Ohm Vape Tank....

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