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What is CBG and what are the benefits of this cannabinoid?
Scientists first discovered cannabigerol, or CBG, in 1964 as a constituent of hashish.
In 1975, researchers found out CBGA (the acid form of CBG) is the first cannabinoid formed in the plant; the first expression of cannabis’ unique class of constituents. From there, CBGA gets transformed into THCA, CBDA or CBCA by the action of enzymes. CBGA is the essential precursor for all the cannabinoids we know and love.

Benefits Of CBG
Help relieves pain.
Slow bacteria growth
Reduces seizures and convulsions
Reduces inflammation
Can help with sleep
Help with depression
Promotes bone growth
Increases appetite

Content: 1g

CBD-containing products, although commonly advertised to be free from THC, have the potential to contain traces of THC, even after the manufacturing process. For products containing CBD to be exempt from the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001, the amount of THC in each preparation must not exceed 1mg; this is considered by the HO to be the pack in which the preparation is contained – for example, the entire original bottle/pack (not each individual tablet or dose).

! Please note: There are many references to the legal limit of THC in a product as 0.2 per cent or less. It is important to be aware that this limit is applicable to the cultivation of cannabis plants, for the production of hemp fibre or obtaining seeds, to be pressed for oil. This legal THC limit is not applicable to cannabis and CBD-containing products themselves.

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