Aqualites Series 5 Coils - Pack of 3

There are many coils available on the market, all with different ohms ratings and you do need to be sure that you choose the correct one for the tank you use always check the packaging.

The Series 4/5 sub ohm coils are 0.5ohms and are compatible with both the Aqualites Series 4 or 5 Sub Ohm vaping device.

A heating element or coil is a looped resistance heating an alloy wire, this coil is sub 1 ohm at 0.5 hence the phrase sub ohm. This coil allows more heat to transfer between the battery and you sub ohm e liquid which in turn heats your e-liquid to a point of vaporization. The main difference is that this type of vaping produces more flavour and vaper along with more vape plume which some people like.

Sold out.

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